Cheerwine doughnut just doesn't work

Staff WriterJuly 1, 2010 

Is it any wonder that North Carolina was named the 10th-fattest state in the nation the day before two North Carolina food institutions unveiled their collaboration: a Cheerwine-flavored, cream-filled Krispy Kreme doughnut?

For fans of the punchy, cherry-flavored soda and those glazed doughnuts, the creation offers the promise of sugary bliss. But the union doesn't work for one reason: Krispy Kremes aren't great filled doughnuts.

The beauty of a Krispy Kreme is that "Hot Doughnuts Now" experience. The neon sign declaring warm doughnuts coming off the conveyor belt lures you in for a quick sugar rush. The hot, airy doughnuts melt in your mouth. Follow them with gulps of milk from a plastic jug, and you can eat one after the other.

Filled doughnuts don't offer that warm experience.

This version is so sweet with the soda-flavored cream, chocolate icing and sprinkles, it sinks in your stomach. It leaves a sugar carpet on your tongue that gallons of water can't erase.

Here's my suggestion instead: Chase a warm original glazed with an ice-cold Cheerwine.

Andrea Weigl is The News & Observer's food writer.

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