New N.C. driver's licenses to include 3-D -- sort of

Staff writerJuly 1, 2010 

Coming soon to your wallet: a black-and-white image of your face, photographed with a camera using multiple lenses, printed in multiple laser-engraved layers to give a sort-of three-dimensional effect.

On your driver's license.

NCDOT says it has awarded a $47.5 million contract to MorphoTrak-Safran Group for new ID technology that will put the new photos on driver's licenses as part of an effort to make them more secure and tamper-proof. The cards will be made of a tougher polycarbonate material than the stuff they use now, to make it more durable with layers fused together so they cannot easily be peeled apart.

The cost to DMV will be $2.12 per card, a price hike of 27 cents. DMV issues 2.4 million new and renewed licenses and ID cards each year.

The change takes effect by 2012.

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