Falcons take sloppy win over Caps

Staff WriterAugust 25, 2010 

— Durham Jordan, the No. 2 boys high school soccer team in the state traveled to Raleigh to face the Broughton Caps (ranked No. 4) and came away with a lackluster 2-1 win that did not leave a smile on Jordan coach Steve Turner's face.

"I was not particularly happy with our focus," Turner said. "Sometimes you win and you don't feel good. I kind of feel like that right now."

Even if the Falcons (3-0) had not beaten their nonconference rivals in the Caps (2-1), Turner said his team played sloppy at times, which lead to their 14 offside penalties. But when the Falcons were onside, their offense was still able to produce scoring chances, mostly from midfielder Teddy Mulllin.

With the Falcons leading 1-0 in the second half, it was Mullin's ability to not get distracted that became the slight difference in Jordan's win.

In the 65th minute, defender Christian Bowers gave Jordan possession near midfield before he was tackled by a Broughton midfielder. Both players fell to the ground after the play, leaving the ball unoccupied. While everyone else on the field was watching the tackle instead of moving toward the next play, it was Mullin, a senior, who stayed aggressive. And with no whistle blown by the referee, Mullin sprinted to control the ball.

Once Mullin grabbed possession, he used his speed to split two defenders before beating goalkeeper Matt Franciosi with a low diagonal kick into the net with his left foot.

"I just decided I could split that gap because the center midfielder didn't know where the ball was," Mullin said. "It was just a matter of being in the right place."

Turner said he was impressed with how Mullin stayed focused.

"That second goal was just a piece of art," he said. "He exploded to the goal, and how he finished with precision was great to see."

Mullin also scored Jordan's first goal in the 43rd minute. After Mullin received a long pass, he was tackled inside the 18-yard box, which setup a penalty kick.

Mullin used a hesitation move before he kicked the ball low and into the middle of the net.

"He used to play for my club team," Mullin said of Franciosi. "He knows all my penalty kicks, so I had to go down the middle on him."

Lassiter Tollison scored for Broughton.

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