Singers 'get their praise on' for God

The Wilson Daily TimesSeptember 5, 2010 

Attend Glory Baptist Church on any third Sunday and you'll find Youthful Praise, a group of five girls whose love of singing has created a harmony that fills the church.

The girls, ranging in age from 14 to 20, have been singing together for five years.

Wanda Hinnant, the group's director, said the girls asked her to put the group together as a way for them to be involved in the church.

"We have an adult praise and worship team, but we have to always let youth know they are an important part of the church," Hinnant said.

Every third Sunday is youth day at the church. The girls sing contemporary gospel songs but also throw some traditional songs in the mix for members who love the melodies of long ago.

Quanesha Jones, 19, said she sometimes feels a little shy in front of the congregation leading a song.

"You know I always thought of myself as a background singer," Jones said. "But once you get out of your comfort zone and see people getting their praise on, you forget about standing in front of the church."

The first time Jones led a song, she was so nervous that she just looked at the clock at the back of the church.

"I was shaking, I thought the words would not come out of my mouth," Jones. "I have grown. Now I can look right at them and sing. When I see the tears, I feel as if I helped that person break through."

Hinnant said she is pleased about how the girls have become a team.

When one person feels uneasy or thinks they don't have the right key, Hinnant has taught the girls that another person who sings their pitch should sing the lead with them until they are back on track.

"It teaches them to depend and help each other," she said.

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