Codgers turn on Dems in Burr ad

Pair were in ad that sank Dole

Staff writerSeptember 9, 2010 

Two years ago, the Democrats ran a now-famous TV ad that featured two old-timers in rocking chairs. The spot undercut Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole's re-election effort.

Now, the same two old gents are back in their rockers and back on TV in an ad that begins airing today. But this time, instead of criticizing Republicans, they're complaining about how things have gone downhill under the Democrats.

In a new ad produced by Republican Sen. Richard Burr's campaign, the two men rue the day they pulled the Democratic lever.

"Boy, we sure got it wrong last election," the first man says.

"Some hope and change," says the second man. "Bad economy, lost jobs."

The actors sit on a front porch, griping about out-of-control government spending and a growing national debt. They are joined by a young woman, identified in the script as a granddaughter, who says she will end up paying the bill.

She says she will support Burr because he will work to cut government and create jobs.

Same actors, new porch

The ad is a spinoff of a 2008 TV ad produced by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. That ad featured the same two old-timers talking about how Dole was 93rd in effectiveness and voted with President George W. Bush 92 percent of the time. They argued about whether Dole was 92 or 93 in what was seen as a sly allusion to Dole's age.

The ad, which ran during the summer of 2008, is often credited with damaging Dole's re-election effort and helping elect Democrat Kay Hagan.

The anti-Dole ad was filmed at the Bynum General Store in Chatham County. The new ad was shot at a private residence in Davie County. or 919-829-4532

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