Poverty's power

October 16, 2010 

No one chooses poverty. The children involved are victims at best, lost causes at worst. Isn't it our moral imperative to reach out to those weaker than us?

The Wake County school board has shown utter disregard for all the children of this county. School boards are supposed to be nonpartisan and represent every student. I'm not in the throes of this battle for my sons. They will be fine, regardless of where they go to school. They have educated parents who spend time with them, books, full bellies, medical care.

There is a basic paradigm difference in this county - those who want to fiercely protect their own children and those who want to fiercely protect all children.

A child who lives in poverty has likely not been to preschool.

A child who lives in poverty has inadequate medical care.

A child who lives in poverty doesn't get a healthy diet.

A child who lives in poverty does not have a stable address to call home.

It's time to do what we can to help so many who face a bleak future without the promise of education.

Separate is still not equal.

Ilina Ewen, Raleigh

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