All attendants in Canes parade win free tickets

Staff writerOctober 25, 2010 

There was no suspense in the Carolina Hurricanes’ ticket giveaway and march through downtown Raleigh Monday.

The team had 200 pairs of tickets to give away, but about 100 people showed up.

Those that did were rewarded.

Dan Warren, who works downtown, noticed from his office window that Hurricanes fans were gathering in front of the State Capitol Building two hours in advance.

“I just forgot to bring all my Canes gear,” Warren joked, who planned on using his lunch break to score a pair of tickets.

John Matthews of Wake Forest was decked out appropriately for the occasion, wearing a Hurricanes cap with a pair of team pins in it, and an autographed shirt.

“I thought there’d be more people,” Matthews said, “But most people are working right now.”

David Hart of Raleigh was planning on giving his two tickets to his wife and 12-year-old son Alex. He already had plans on attending the N.C. State football game the day after.

“I’ve got a good wife, but she’s not that forgiving,” Hart said.

Raleigh’s Doug Russ had his three triplets, age 3, with him. All four were decked out with Canes gear, and all were wearing the red bracelets given out at the beginning of the march. In order to get the tickets, they had to stay with the march down Fayetteville Street to City Plaza, were the tickets were given out to those wearing the bracelets.

“I reminded them not to take them off,” Russ said, who hoped to surprise his wife with eight tickets to the Nov. 3 game against the New York Islanders.

“This is a bit of a reward for good behavior,” Russ said of his kids, who are big hockey fans.

The march down the middle of the street had the aid of police escorts at the front and back and stretched about a half a block long. There were bells and chants of “Let’s go Canes.”

A few onlookers joined the chant, but most looked on in solidarity, while a few shook their heads.

Joe Greiner, his wife Nancy, and their dog Sugarcane, scored two pairs of tickets, and planned to give them out.

“There’s a family out there that doesn’t know they’re going yet,” said Greiner, a season ticket holder.

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