Arena downtown at last - but which city?

January 25, 2011 

Anyone who wishes the RBC Center had been built downtown instead of in West Raleigh is going to love the way Versus sees Raleigh.

Versus, the cable network that will carry Sunday's NHL All-Star Game, is airing promotional commercials that depict the arena, in one shot, in the midst of downtown skyscrapers - including a few that appear to have been moved here from elsewhere - as players skate on a road of snow through an urban canyon toward the arena.

The closing graphics of the commercial superimpose the arena on the downtown skyline in a more conventional, stylized manner, but the scene in the middle of the commercial is jarring.

"We thought it was important to show the RBC Center and some of Raleigh in the promo for the All-Star Game; however, our main objective was to create another superhero world - our version of Gotham," said Tripp Dixon, Versus' vice president of creative services. "People don't skate down buildings or skate down the middle of streets, so the spot does require some suspension of disbelief. That's kind of the whole idea here. Everything in the commercial isn't totally factual."

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