All-Star Game a family reunion

January 26, 2011 

New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal, the younger brother of Carolina's star center Eric Staal, was selected to his first All-Star Game, though he has participated as a rookie before. Staff writer Javier Serna caught up with him last week when the Rangers lost to the Hurricanes 4-1 in Raleigh.

Q: How big was it for you, personally, to get selected?

A: It was good. It's a huge honor to be part of an All-Star weekend and to be part of a select group of players. It's something you always grow up watching as a kid.

Q: Have you envied your brother, that he's been to the game several times already?

A: I've been there in the rookie game and rookie sophomore game. He was always there. It's always a lot of fun. Now I'm there for the real All-Star Game. It'll be good to have us both there.

Q: What do you think of the new format?

A: It's cool. It's getting people's attention. It's new. A new wrinkle on how to do it. Hopefully it works out well.

Q: Will your brother Jordan be there or is he staying away from this one?

A: I think he's coming down. So my parents will be down. It'll be good. ... We don't get a chance to get together very often during the season, if at all ever. So it'll be nice to get together.

Q: When was the last time you played on a team with Eric?

A: I don't think I've ever been on the same team. Not even in youth hockey. He's three years older than me, so it would've been a pretty far jump.

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