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February 5, 2011 

As a teacher at Enloe High School, I am not going to deny that we have issues with our "two schools under one roof" as mentioned in a Feb. 3 letter from an Enloe student. It disappoints me on a daily basis that too many of our classes lack the black and nonblack unity that the letter-writer mentioned.

However, the writer clearly has a limited understanding of Enloe and our undying commitment to all of our minority students. First, the writer undoubtedly took advanced classes with a mixture of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and atheists. Furthermore, he has had the opportunity to get involved in peer tutoring, athletics and extracurricular activities - all involving African-American students.

I try to stress to my students that there is a lot of education that lies outside the classroom but yet still inside the school building. In this case, the writer might have missed the diverse group of students who hang out in Mr. Wood's class at fourth period lunch, the inter-racial teams of students and teachers participating in the yearly 3-on-3 basketball tournament and the refreshingly collaborative nature of peer-tutoring in the cafeteria.

I have a yellow cafeteria hall pass waiting for the letter-writer whenever he is ready for it.

Christopher Lyerly


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