A closer look

February 5, 2011 

As a student at Enloe High School, I see to some extent two schools under one roof, but the actions that Enloe and other magnet schools are taking to integrate these communities are the first steps toward addressing the learning achievement gap ubiquitous throughout schools.

Case in point: Enloe Eagle Enrichment is a time scheduled specifically by the school administration in which students from higher level classes tutor students performing at substandard levels. This interactive approach to underperforming students gives them a chance to learn from their peers rather than teachers.

On Tuesdays, I go to the cafeteria where I tutor students struggling in their classes. As a tutor, I have watched as students have grown and learned from the dynamic remediation. Eagle Enrichment at Enloe is just one of a variety of examples of actions to reduce the divide between the schools while simultaneously benefiting student achievement.

On the outside Enloe may appear to be two separate schools under one roof, but upon further inspection it is clear that magnet schools such as Enloe are combining the schools and attacking the learning achievement gap and divide head on.

Dhruv Jain


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