Tyrannical unions

February 25, 2011 

Recent events in Wisconsin, Indiana and a growing number of states (including a protest in Raleigh on Feb. 21) have exposed the unions for what they are.

These people throng in rage demanding "democracy" as they seek to maintain their undemocratic privileges.

We do, unfortunately, have too much democracy in America but, nonetheless, to the extent we have power to exercise it, it is called elections. Last November the Democrats and all their left-wing platoons lost, and lost badly. That was democracy. The public employee unions in Wisconsin and elsewhere are engaging in the madness and tyranny and undemocratic activity of mob madness and denying the legitimacy of democratic elections.

To top it off, Democratic members of the state legislatures in Wisconsin and Indiana are violating their trust with voters by refusing to do their jobs and acting like babies who have whined, grabbed their toys and run away from any accountability.

These unions are a fraud on the public, tools of economic extortion against taxpayers and need to be shut down.

They are not democratic at all. At best, they seek to secure privilege. At worst, they exert tyranny.

Thomas Paul DeWitt


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