Paycheck boost

February 27, 2011 

The Associated Press reported on Feb. 16 that North Carolina's refundable Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is being threatened by House Republicans. The state EITC provides a critical boost in the paychecks of working but still poor families.

Twenty-two percent (494,023) of children live in poor families in North Carolina. Of these poor children, 24 percent (118,660) have at least one parent who is employed full-time, year-round, and 47 percent (232,998) of children in poor families have at least one parent who is employed either part-year or part-time.

In addition to helping hard-working parents and their children, the state EITC also provides a boost to local economies. These dollars are spent on goods and services locally in all 100 counties in North Carolina. In our current economic situation, it makes good dollars and sense to make work pay for parents and generate additional consumer spending.

Maybe one in every five North Carolina children in poverty is too low for the House leadership? I hope not.

Daniel Gitterman

Associate Professor

of Public Policy

UNC-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill

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