Uncle Sam's orders

March 9, 2011 

I hope everyone understands exactly what Gov. Beverly Purdue is saying with this veto concerning a leglislative challenge to Obamacare. She is endorsing the concept that the government has the right and power to tell private citizens what products they must purchase with their own money.

Do not be fooled by the argument that this already exists with auto insurance, because you have to purchase auto insurance only if you choose to drive a car. The concept that Purdue has endorsed would be the same as the government telling you that you must purchase car insurance even if you do not want to drive a car because it will be make it cheaper for those who do want to drive a car and some day you might want to drive a car.

Once this concept is codified in law they will be able to tell you to purchase any product they decide you need.

Dick VanCleave


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