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April 6, 2011 

Bobby Purcell

Executive director, N.C. State Wolfpack Club

"I think the fit is very important, and I think he comes across as a guy who is going to be a really good fit for N.C. State. He's just the kind of guy and coach who will be great for N.C. State.

"I think he's going to excite our fan base. And certainly I hope all our players will be excited as well, that we can get this thing going."

Chucky Brown

Former Wolfpack basketball standout

"He seems like a nice guy. It seems like he wants to win. What struck me was him saying that when you come to work every day, you come to win a championship. That's important.

"We've got great facilities. We have tradition. When I was playing, we were tied for the most ACC (basketball) championships. It's nice to see someone who wants to get that back. He talked of championships and that's what you want to hear."

Jack Cozort

N.C. State board of trustees

"I'm thrilled. He has a terrific record. He knows what he's doing. He's a proven winner.

"My first impression is terrific. He's a great find and a great coach. I hope he's here until I retire and he retires."

"We all want championships, and he knows how to win. A coach just has to do three things: win games, have good citizens, graduate players. That's what we expect."

Scott Wood, N.C. State guard

"He definitely meets the criteria, and he's definitely motivated. I think that's one of the main things Debbie Yow was looking for in a coach.

"First impressions are good so far. We've got to sit down and talk and establish some things, and then we'll go from there."

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