William "Billy" Barry

May 22, 2011 

Billy sang and Jesus liked it so much He gave William Benedict Barry a slot in Heaven's Choir.

Cancer struck on March 2nd. He sang. First surgery. More songs. Tubes down the nose; sing it again, Billy Boy. Bill was destined by adoption to become the first son of Shirley and Jack Barry. The Lord was so delighted with the Sisters of Mercy at Angel Guardian in Brooklyn that he gave Bill three siblings Alice Stewart, Thomas and John.

Duke-Raleigh to UNC in mid-March. Deserves a song, several. Billy loved and lived his Catholic Faith. A 1987 grad of Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH, Billy went on to a 16 year career as THE BEST MAIL CARRIER IN THE HISTORY OF RALEIGH. Or close.

Every second of his life was lived with Mom and Dad. He sang his way through April regaling sundry docs, nurses, surgeons, rehab folk, oncologists, priests and kids. This Christ-like brilliant child of God grasped the cancer by its evil throat and the sought after miracle became the victory of eternal life over death. On May 17th the songs were no more. He received Jesus in the Eucharist. He was gone.

Please join his family, friends and his Triangle Taiko (Japanese Drum Culture) pals as we celebrate the saintly, simple, gentle life of Billy. Renaissance Funeral Home has arranged the Tuesday, May 24th, 6 PM Funeral Mass at St. Raphael's R.C. Church. From 4:30 until the Eucharistic celebration begins, there will be laughter, drums, prayer and, yes, song.

He was adopted, not aborted. Birthchoice, 3820 Merton Dr., Suite 219, Raleigh, NC, 27609 will sing if you make a donation. As for the Choir in Heaven.......a star is born.

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