Amazon offers entire Lady Gaga album for $0.99

Staff writerMay 23, 2011 

Why buy the song when you can get the album for free? (Well, almost for free.)

Lady Gaga's entire "Born this Way" album is selling for $0.99 on today, Mashable reports.

The new album includes the title track, "Born this Way," as well as top hit "Judas."

And people who buy any album from Amazon through the end of the year can get 20 GB of cloud drive storage - free for a year!

Read the fine print though; you will have to pay for storage *after* the first year's service.

For the unfamiliar, cloud computing is when a user's files are saved to and stored on a computer network, rather than a user's personal computer (or smartphone, or whatever device is popular today). It allows the data to be accessed by any device connected to the cloud computing service.

Amazon, Google and soon, Apple, will have competing cloud computing services.

For more on Amazon's tech moves, see today's Computers column by Paul Gilster.

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