Accreditation 'bully' targeted

June 14, 2011 

Your June 10 editorial "Fix is in" once again falsely attacks Republicans.

On House Bill 342, High School Accreditation, you conveniently forget to report several important facts which were publicly presented to the House:

1) AdvanceED has accredited the 44 worst performing high schools in North Carolina. Its accreditation standards are a sad joke.

2) AdvanceED has threatened the accreditation of the high schools in Burke and Wake counties for reasons having nothing to do with the quality of education in our classrooms. The opponents of the bill agreed that the high schools in Wake County are some of the best in the state. Burke County high schools are also in the upper tier.

3) The Department of Public Instruction has accredited high schools in the past.

4) There is no extra expense to anyone. The money would come from the fees that the local school board would otherwise pay to AdvanceEd, an out of state company.

5) This bill is supported by the N.C. School Boards Association (of which Wake County is not even a member). The association recognizes the threat that AdvanceED is to all public high schools, as well as the need for a valid accreditation process.

6) It is the political agenda of AdvanceED which threatens our high school graduates.

AdvanceED is just a big bully. They should not be allowed to harm the academic credentials of our high school students. This bill takes away their monopoly.

Rep. Paul 'Skip' Stam


Rep. Nelson Dollar


Rep. Marilyn Avila


The writers, all Republicans, represent the 37th, 36th and 40th Districts, respectively, in the state House. The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the editorial.

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