Young's lover testifies about affair

Staff writerJune 14, 2011 

— Jason Young had an extramarital affair with one of Michelle Young's sorority sisters a month before the bludgeoning death that has him on trial for murder.

Michelle Money, a sorority sister of Young's at N.C. State University, testified this morning that her life had been turned upside down by investigators, the media and others in the months and years after the homicide and weekend tryst.

Money said she had no involvement in the homicide of Michelle Young. But she added that she never asked Jason Young whether he did, according to her testimony.

Jason Young, 37, is accused of killing his pregnant wife on Nov. 3, 2006, inside their Wake County home, while their 2-year-old daughter was nearby.

He has pleaded not guilty. His defense team argues that his wife's homicide case is unsolved.

But prosecutors contend that Young plotted to kill his wife, in part, because his marriage was falling apart.

Money testified today that she was hounded by police and media after Michelle Young's body was found.

Jason Young refused to talk with police after the discovery. A lawyer he contacted early, a Raleigh attorney who no longer is a member of his defense team, advised him not to talk with investigators without a lawyer present, according to his current attorneys.

But investigators contacted Money numerous times.

One weekend in October 2006, Jason Young visited Money in Florida, where she lived after college, and the two had a romantic tryst.

They had been talking almost daily since September of that year.

Money had visited the Youngs' home in Wake County and told him of her marital problems. The two talked about anything and everything -- potty-training, Wolfpack football.

The relationship evolved. The two discussed at length whether he should visit her in Florida on Oct. 7, 2006, for the weekend. He had planned to go fishing that weekend in Wilmington, but instead said he could tell his wife he was going on a business trip in Florida, she said.

"He flew in on a Saturday, and I believe that, as late as Thursday night, I was saying, 'Maybe you shouldn't come. This is wrong,' " Money testified.

Jason Young left early Monday morning after an intimate weekend, and the two discussed getting together again, though no time was set, Money said.

"We kind of knew it couldn't keep going, but we kept talking," she said.

Young and Money talked several times after Michelle Young's death.

Money said she stayed inside a lot after Michelle Young's death. She kept the blinds drawn, turned the ringer off on her phone, became withdrawn. The media and police, she said, invaded her life. She did not want her picture or that of her child splashed across magazines and TV screens.

"Just having to bare your sin and your soul over and over to police takes a toll on your psyche," Money said.

Despite the affair, Money said, she counted Michelle Young among her friends. She was torn up about what happened to her. or 919 836-4948

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