Justice delayed

June 22, 2011 

"Military appeals leave troops in limbo," shouts the headline; "... consistent failure of leadership, supervision and oversight at all organizational levels" asserts the discussion. The picture of unacceptable delays exposed by your June 12 article is appalling. Justice delayed is justice denied. However, your paint brush is far too wide.

This story's genesis was a request by the Senate Armed Services Committee to the Defense Department Inspector General (IG) to investigate delays in the Department of the Navy. The request culminated in the IG report entitled "Evaluation of Post-Trial Reviews of Courts Martial Within the Department of the Navy" dated Dec. 10, 2010. The derelicts pertain only to the Navy and Marine Corps.

Military justice is not perfect in the Army and Air Force, but this is not one of their failures and you should so inform the families of our young soldiers and airmen who have every right to be concerned.

Col. Zane E. Finkelstein

Former member, Army Court of Criminal Appeals


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