Jobs as overhead

June 26, 2011 

Regarding the "Jobs down the drain" letter of June 15:

Before retiring, I worked for private industry and state government agencies in North Carolina and Maryland. While I don't agree with much of the GOP's proposed budget, it does attempt to wed state government expenditures to the ability of N.C. taxpayers to fund them in a declining economy.

I accept the Budget and Tax Center estimate that the budget could reduce state government by 44,576 jobs over two years, but the process of private enterprise to create jobs is complex, and the ability of the BTC to project that number is questionable.

Does the expression management confidence sound familiar? Every government job is overhead. Every such job is supported by the productivity of private job employees. If the ratio of taxes to GDP is 5:1, then it takes five private jobs to support every government job. Every organization has overhead, and while some is essential, prudent management strives to minimize overhead, especially during recessions.

It is not the mission of government to create jobs, but to provide essential services while creating an environment for private enterprise to prosper. That does not include more taxes in a declining economy.

Winston Hooker Sr.


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