Democrats begin running pro Obama ad

Staff writerJune 29, 2011 

A Democratic group with ties to President Barack Obama today began running a TV ad in North Carolina defending the administration's economic record while accusing the Republicans of trying to end Medicare.

The ad commercial comes in response to a TV campaign being run by a Republican group in the state that attacks Obama's economic record.

The Democratic group, called Priorities USA Action, began running a commercial in five key battle ground states – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Virginia as well as North Carolina. The group said it plans to run the ad for two weeks.

It comes two days after a group called Crossroads GPS launched a $5 million ad campaign attacking the Obama economic record. Crossroads GPS is a group formed by former George W. Bush strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

Priorities USA Action is a group formed by several former Obama aides including Bill Burton. The Democratic ad camapign will reportedly spend $750,000.

“Not content with ruining the American economy,Karl Rove is attacking President Obama for trying to fix it,” said Paul Begala, senior advisor to Priorities USA Action and a former strategist for President Bill Clinton. “Republicans have done nothing but stand in the way way of economic progress, turning their backs on the middle class by proposing to essential ending Medicare for future retirees and slash education while giving tax breaks to the wealthy.”

The ad was produced by Saul Schorr, a Philadelphia based consultant, who was a long-time advisor to such North Carolina Democrats former Gov. Mike Easley, current Gov. Bev Perdue, former state Sen. Tony Rand, and Congressman David Price.

The ad shows pictures of various people.

“We are Americans,” says the announcer. “We know right from wrong. And we know the ads blaming President Obama for the economy are politics at its worst. the Republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn. And now they have a plan that would essentially end Medicare for future retirees...slash education...while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy. We can't rebuild America if they tear down the middle class.”

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