Kernersville man seeks to unseat Miller

July 7, 2011 

Nathan Tabor, a Kernersville Republican, announced that he is running for Congress from the 13th Congressional District.

His main focus: " jobs, jobs, jobs."

"We must cut taxes and regulations on business owners, and we must lower our dependency on foreign oil. We must also re-establish the moral fiber of our society," he said in a Wednesday email message to potential supporters.

Tabor ran for Congress from the 5th District in 2004, and ran for the state Senate in 2006. He lost in Republican primaries.

He has the beginnings of a Tabor for Congress website (though the address is still taborforsenate) which advises visitors to stay tuned.

U.S. Rep. Brad Miller of Raleigh is the 13th District Democratic incumbent. A proposed district map includes more registered Republicans.

Still backs troopers

State Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Wilmington Republican and lawyer, said Wednesday that his support for two state troopers accused of misconduct is not shaken by the release of text messages showing the law officers profanely expressing ridicule and contempt for a woman wrongfully arrested for drunken driving.

Over the weekend, Goolsby issued a statement giving his unequivocal support to Senior Trooper Edward S. Wyrick and Trooper Andrew M. Smith.

"As an attorney who practices in our local courts, I have known these troopers for the entire time they have enforced the law in southeastern North Carolina," Goolsby wrote in an email message to The N&O. "I have never received any complaints about them. My personal experience was that they were professional, honest and forthright. ... It is time that someone spoke up and defended our troopers. I am doing so now."

On Tuesday the patrol released text messages showing that the two troopers exchanged messages shortly after Gina Tessener twice blew a 0.00 on an alcohol breath test, prompting a comment from her lawyer husband that Wyrick should be ashamed of himself.

"Hahahaha f--- her and f--- him," Smith texted to Wyrick after learning of the exchange.

Moments later, Smith would pull Tessener's husband as he followed Wyrick and his wife to the county jail. The newly released texts may contradict Wyrick's written report of Gina Tessener's arrest, in which he wrote: "I never made contact with Trp. Smith while enroute to the jail until after I verified he stopped her husband."

Goolsby said Wednesday that he didn't see anything in the messages that would lead him to change his earlier statement.

"The texts confirm the consistent story given in the report provided by the trooper," Goolsby wrote in email. "I have seen no evidence that the husband was set up in any way. These troopers are professional and respected in our area. No allegations have ever been made that any foul language was spoken to the driver or her husband. The inconsistent statements have all come from the husband of the driver. Until and unless I see something to the contrary, I continue to stand behind our troopers."

Republicans attack

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday began a TV campaign in battleground states, including North Carolina, attacking President Barack Obama's economic policies.

The ad campaign on cable TV stations says "left turn after left turn, America's headed in the wrong direction," and ends in a car crash. The ad campaign focuses on "$800 billion in stimulus spending (and) trillions in government health care."

State GOP Chairman Robin Hayes and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus have scheduled a teleconference this morning to discuss the ad campaign.

It is the third TV campaign begun in the past two weeks in North Carolina as the 2012 presidential effort has begun early.

On June 27, Crossroads GPS, a group formed by former George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, began running anti-Obama ads in the state. On June 29, Priorities USA Action, a group formed by several former Obama aides, including Bill Burton, began running pro Obama ads in the state.

Compiled by staff writers Lynn Bonner, Michael Biesecker and Rob Christensen or 919-829-4821

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