UNC's Little addresses parking tickets

CorrespondentJuly 21, 2011 

— While he concedes he got “a lot” of parking tickets during his football career at North Carolina, Greg Little is unsure how nine different license plates became associated with the five cars he was charged with parking illegally.

“I don’t know what that’s from,” the former Tar Heel wide receiver said Thursday night after playing in the Greater NC Pro-Am summer league at N.C. Central.

“I drove my mom’s car, sister’s car, dad’s car, my car, and I had two cars [that] I ended up switching. That’s where the five cars came from. But the nine license plates – that’s got me baffled, too.”

UNC confirmed in June that Little received 93 parking tickets during a three-and-a-half year span. According to records obtained by The News & Observer, the five vehicles were a Dodge Charger, a BMW 525i, a Honda Accord, a Nissan Altima and an Acura 3.2 CL.

“I know I got a lot – come on,” Little said. “I know that was really irresponsible, but I know everybody receives parking tickets. I’ve paid ‘em. I paid them – they came from out of my pocket.”

On the same day UNC football coach Butch Davis announced he would release records of the business calls he made on his personal cell phone, Little was unequivocal in his support of his former coach.

Asked if he was surprised Davis was not dismissed in light of the NCAA’s allegations of major violations against the UNC program, Little said, “No, he did nothing wrong.

“What did he do? If you send your child out and your child says he’s going to the movies but he goes to a party, you don’t really have control after you step out of the picture. He had nothing to do with anything that went on. It was all me and [Marvin Austin’s] ill-advised mistakes.”

It was Austin who sparked the original investigation into UNC with comments he made on Twitter. After a Durham County superior court judge denied Michael McAdoo’s request for an injunction to play football this season, Austin again took to Twitter last week, threatening to “spill the beans.”

Little said that was merely Austin's frustration.

“You know Marvin -- come on,” Little said. “It’s all speculation. Marvin is upset. I can understand his frustration, but let’s just get on with playing football. We’re going to play football in the NFL, and they’re going to play football this season.”

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