Amanda Mangum's death followed violent history

Young mother had sought help

Staff WriterJuly 27, 2011 

— A Durham woman found stabbed to death told a 911 operator the day she died that her husband was threatening her children and there were knives in the home.

Amanda Mangum called 911 at 5:49 p.m. July 17 to report that her husband, Kenya Mangum, was following her down U.S. 70 and threatening to hurt their children if she didn't come home.

"Please send somebody before he hurts my babies," she said.

In the call, Amanda Mangum said she was walking to her brother's house in Durham.

She told the operator that there were knives in the couple's home at 1820 S. Miami Blvd.

A deputy found Mangum walking along the highway. The deputy offered to help her leave the area, but "she was insistent about going back to that residence," said Capt. Don Ladd of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

No one was home when the deputy took her to the house, Ladd said.

Amanda Mangum had told her mother, Carol Magruder, July 17 that Kenya Mangum was going to kill her, according to her grandmother, Alice Magruder.

At 10:30 p.m. that day, Amanda Mangum was found stabbed near the KFC/Taco Bell on South Miami Boulevard. She was pronounced dead at Duke Hospital.

Kenya Mangum, 29, was charged with murder. He has a history of assault, drug and weapons charges over the past 10 years. In almost all of the cases, the charges were voluntarily dismissed, according to court records.

Amanda Mangum had her first child by Kenya Mangum in 2002. She was 15 years old.

"I wasn't happy," Alice Magruder said. "She was too young and he ...wanted to be her all in all."

Amanda Mangum never finished high school, Magruder said.

On Dec. 14, 2007, Amanda Mangum filed for a restraining order against Kenya Mangum.

An attack, a threat

"He came in our room started to threaten me then he throw me in the closet and started choking me and put his knee into my stomach," she wrote in the order.

When Amanda Mangum tried to call police, Kenya Mangum pushed her into the door, threw her onto the couch and took the phone, according to the order.

Kenya Mangum threatened to kill her and said he was going to buy a gun, according to the order.

At the time, Amanda Mangum had three children byKenya Mangum. She received a temporary order that required Kenya Mangum to stay away from her job, surrender his firearms and ammunition and not assault, threaten, abuse, follow or harass her.

Neither Amanda nor Kenya Mangum was present when a judge reviewed the case in January 2008, and the order was dismissed.

On March 3, 2009, they were married.

Domestic violence

Women in an abusive relationship typically try leaving seven to 10 times before staying gone, said Leslie Muir of the Durham Crisis Response Center.

An attempt to leave may fail because a woman lacks support, has nowhere to go, has no money, or despite the abuse does not want to leave her home or family, Muir said.

Amanda Mangum, 23, had planned to take her four children to visit their grandmother in Maryland this summer.

Instead, friends and family buried her Friday.

Her four children, Brianna, 8; Carina, 6; Daveion, 4; and Kenya, 2; will stay with family in Maryland.

"She was a little girl thrust into motherhood way too young," her uncle, Dick Magruder, wrote in an email message. "Every couple has their ups and downs, fights and squabbles, but it does not have to come to violence."

News researcher Peggy Neal contributed to this report. or 919-932-2008

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