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Goodbye, but not to my goal

August 16, 2011 

Jason Foster, former editor of the North Raleigh News, writes: I'm leaving The N&O for a new job at our sister paper in Charlotte, but I'll still be working to drop those last few pounds.

With all that's gone into preparing for my family's move back to the Queen City, my exercising has taken a hit. I've not stopped, but it's just been much more infrequent than I'd like. The stress has likely been the cause of a few instances of eating too many calories.

But I have no plans to give up. I pledge to return to a full-fledged exercise campaign once we've settled in our new place.

Because I'm no longer an N&O employee, I won't be writing on this blog anymore. But I promise to let everyone know via Twitter when I finally hit my goal of 165 pounds. If you feel so inclined, you can follow me on Twitter at @jasonfoster76.

I've enjoyed blogging about my exercise/weight loss adventure. I think the public forum kept me accountable in some ways and led me to keep going even things got frustrating.

Thanks for reading. See you on the other side of 165.

Fighting portion distortion

Carole Tanzer Miller, features editor, writes: When you're dieting successfully, your shrinking shape provides incentive to continue. Maintaining is another story.

The same lumps and bumps are there every day, and every day becomes a fight with Mother Nature, who wants us to fill out our former contours.

That's why after a successful diet we often wind up weighing more than when we started: the dreaded yo-yo effect.

For me, the big problem is portion distortion. Even when I eat the right stuff, I'm apt to eat more than I should. Two tools help keep me honest while I deal with a recent weight gain.

The first is a portion scale. I use it to measure raw ingredients and cooked portions. Most products list portion size and nutrition information. If I'm cooking from scratch, I can guesstimate based on similar recipes I find online, which list detailed calorie and nutrient info.

I also use an (outdated) Weight Watchers manual to see how many "points" a given portion of food costs me. I know how many points I'm allowed at my height and weight and this lets me see if the portion I want will be worth it. (Usually it is NOT.)

The second tool is an itty bitty Crock Pot. It's intended for making dips and such, but it also holds two portions of a casserole, just enough for my husband and me. It's a good way to limit portion sizes (for those of us lacking the discipline).

Fasting causes a headache

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: I started the week doing a short water fast, and for my troubles got a huge, long-lasting migraine. The three-day cleanse was wonderful; I just forgot the consequences of doing a fast.

Either way, I cannot seem to get rid of this headache. I have settled into a routine, for the most part, with my eating habits now. I introduce a new menu item about once a week. I am experimenting with fruits and vegetable combinations as well.

I have a confession to make however. I ate a whole bag of Twizzlers today! I tried to resist the temptation but the long, red, tasty candy called my name when I passed it on the snack aisle. I swore that I would consume only one and then give the rest to my sister, but before I realized it, I had eaten the whole bag. I know I did because my aching tummy is verification of the crime I committed.

I would humbly ask my fellow raw food followers to offer words of encouragement so I dare not stray from the path again. I would also like to see a comment or two on how you think I can drop the last 50 pounds on my road to 120 pounds total.

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