Sound voting system

August 24, 2011 

The recent cases of voter fraud have brought up the possibility that the voting process is flawed. I have been an election official in Wake County for over 40 years.

When a voter comes into the polling place and votes, after he has already voted an absentee ballot, he has broken the law. Telling the precinct's chief judge that he already voted an absentee ballot does not make him immune to the law nor should he get a pat on the back. It must be reported to the Board of Elections.

An absentee ballot can be cast too late to be highlighted in the poll book before Election Day, but the complete list will be delivered as early as possible that morning. However, if the absentee voter comes in to vote again on Election Day to test the procedure, this will be picked up at the polling place as well as the election board.

I don't know about the other county election boards, but I do know that Wake County Board of Elections and officials must be credited with the highest form of integrity and obedience of the law.

Elaine J. Williams

Retired Chief Judge

Precinct 01-43


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