Plane crashes involving sports teams

September 8, 2011 

Seventy-five Marshall University football players, coaches, fans and airplane crew died in Huntington, W.Va., on Nov. 14, 1970, coming home from a game. Thirty-six of the dead were players, and five were coaches.

Some 29 people were killed when a plane carrying the Uruguayan rugby club Old Christians crashed in the Andes in 1972, including five crew and some family members.

The entire 18-member U.S. figure skating team died in a crash en route to the 1961 world championships in Brussels, Belgium, and 18 members of the Torino soccer team died near Turin, Italy, in a 1949 crash.

In 2001, a plane carrying members of the Oklahoma State men's basketball team, staff and media crashed near Byers, Colo., killing all 10 on board, including players Nate Fleming and Dan Lawson.

In 1993, a plane crash claimed 18 members of Zambia's national football team and five team officials in Libreville, Gabon.

Thirty members of a Uruguayan rugby club were killed in a crash in the Andes in 1972.

In 1980, 14 members of the U.S. amateur boxing team were killed in a crash in Warsaw, Poland.

A plane crash in 1950 near the Russian city of Sverdlovsk, now called Yekaterinburg, killed 13 players and officials in the Soviet air force's ice hockey squad. A Munich air crash in 1958 cost eight Manchester United players their lives.

On October 2, 1970, 14 Wichita State football players were killed in a crash in Colorado.

On December 13, 1977, University of Evansville men's basketball coach Bobby Watson and 14 players died in a crash in Evansville, Indiana.

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