Stable families

September 17, 2011 

The General Assembly has again attempted to use its power to thwart the future of another vulnerable group. After withdrawing needed budget support from age, racial, ethnic, gender and disabled groups, it is now asking North Carolinians to add a discriminatory amendment to the state constitution to allow only man-woman unions. This supposed norm never existed in biblical times or any other until the Victorian era and then primarily for upwardly mobile married women while their husbands were free to pursue other liaisons.

We should support in law any form of committed union between caring couples on equal terms. The first North Carolinians understood the importance of equality when they constitutionally promised access to education for our children, a guarantee that the current legislature erroneously overlooked.

Let us recognize the many-sided diversity of our state and be open to diverse caring families. Stable families are good for communities and good for children. They invite enterprising people into our state and prepare children who can successfully traverse and lead in a globalizing world.

Let us as citizens be wiser than our leaders and refuse to build inequality into our constitution.

Nancy Milio, Chapel Hill

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