Call it a food fiasco

September 20, 2011 

Things go awry

Carole Tanzer Miller, features editor, writes: There's something about football, 90-degree weather and being back at the old alma mater that makes attempts at weight control go bonkers. Those forces combined to create a food fiasco on Sept. 10 in Eugene, Ore.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast at the hotel: Banana, hard-boiled egg, coffee ... oh, and a raspberry Danish.(I'm powerless around raspberry anything.)

At the game: Sausage on a bun, frozen lemonade (90 degrees and on the stadium's sunny side!), two 16-ounce bottles of water and large glass of ice.

Dinner: Pad thai, iced tea (no sugar), shared dessert with husband (fried bananas with coconut ice cream - his portion was bigger, but he's skinny), more water.

After dinner: Now here it comes ... 8-ounce diet Pepsi, 260-calorie bag of chips (they were organic, so maybe that's worth something!) and a half-bag of red licorice bites (about 300 calories), more water.

On the positive side, we walked about 2 miles to and from the game, pushing the wheelchair over the Willamette River and through the woods (seriously!) in the heat. Son and I shared the pushing, though, so estimated calorie burn was 150 apiece, not even enough to justify the licorice! Another positive: We drank a lot of water.

Oh, and we won the game, too!

Notches in her old belt

Teri Boggess, former N&O sports copy editor, writes: Losing weight will get me a tax deduction.

Well, not directly, but close enough.

Shrinking my waistline has resulted in many of my clothes being simply too large.

I had to face that reality when I was showing a visiting cousin downtown Raleigh and found myself walking along the Fayetteville Street sidewalk trying to look inconspicuous while holding up my favorite cargo pants.

I have since borrowed back my favorite belt from my husband's closet. A long time has passed since that belt fit, and now it does - second notch, too.

So, as the season changes, I'm looking at my fall and winter clothes. Charities will be getting donations of the garments that can't be altered.

Even an unworn pair of casual shoes will go into the box. I had really been looking forward to wearing them this fall, but now they're just too big.

Now, I have a bit of a shopping quandary.

The other day, I stood in front of a sales rack marked down a hard-to-resist 70 percent and thought about next summer and needing new shorts.

And then I thought about not having a paycheck at the moment. So, I passed on the sale.

I'll buy only the clothes that I must have for whatever job I find in my post-newspaper life.

And next year, I'll spend some of my tax refund on shorts for summer. A size or two smaller, of course.

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