Woman slain in cult case had been shot three times

October 4, 2011 

— Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy was shot three times before being wrapped in 10 black plastic bags and buried in a shallow grave, according to an autopsy report released Monday.

McKoy's body was found in the backyard of 2622 Ashe St. in Durham during June along with the body of 5-year-old Jadon Higganbothan. The two were the suspected victims of what police have described as a small polygamous religious cult.

Seven people have been charged with murder in the two deaths: Pete Lucas Moses Jr., 27, Lavada Quinzetta Harris, 40, Larhonda Renee Smith, 40, P. Leonard Moses, 21, Sheila Falisha Moses, 20, Sheilda Evelyn Harris, 56, and Vania Rae Sisk, 25.

The autopsy shows that McKoy, 28, was shot twice in the top of her head and once in her right forearm.

According to court records, Pete Lucas Moses ordered Sisk, one of his girlfriends, to shoot McKoy in Moses' home on 2109 Pear Tree Lane in December 2010. Before shooting her, Moses, Sisk and Lavada Harris, another of Moses' girlfriends, beat her for hours.

McKoy was shot with Sisk's Kel-Tec .22, according to court records. After she was shot, Moses, Sisk and Harris tried to burn McKoy's tattoos off.

In spite of their efforts, records show McKoy was identified by the tattoos on her right wrist, left and right shoulders.

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