School board members react

October 5, 2011 

School board members' reactions to Tuesday's presentation of the assignment plan to begin in 2012-2013.

Debra Goldman: Declined to comment.

Kevin Hill: "My major concern is that there are no seats set aside at the regional schools. If student achievement is supposed to be such a pillar that Superintendent (Tony) Tata has publicly talked about, then we need to make sure we have enough seats for students from low-performing areas."

Chris Malone: "We are right on the cusp of making history. Some parents want to know more about this, and we need to maintain flexibility. If you're doing something that doesn't work, you change it."

Ron Margiotta: "We could have some more changes after the public hearing, and if there are a number of changes, we shouldn't vote on it on (Oct. 18).

"It's major change. It's a major improvement. It's something we should have done 10 years ago."

Dr. Anne McLaurin: "There are positives in the flexibility it offers families. It certainly has been researched in terms of looking at a lot of other plans. It's really hard to improve on a plan where 94 percent of people were happy with their school. I will be interested to hear what people say at the public hearing."

Carolyn Morrison: "I'm for it. I would have voted for it today. As far as District 6 is concerned, they addressed all the concerns."

Deborah Prickett: "I like the plan; I really do. I like the fact that it gives parents choice."

Keith Sutton: "It's been thoroughly researched and thoroughly vetted. This staff has put in probably six months on it. It's a good effort and a good attempt to bridge what they've called the four pillars of this plan: proximity, choice, stability and achievement."

John Tedesco: "I'm ready to hear from input from the citizens. I feel pretty good about 95 percent of it. This completely changes the way that the Wake school system interacts with the community. I'll continue to evaluate it, but if there are changes, they will be small, like shaving at some of the feeder patterns."

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