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Remembering advice

October 11, 2011 

Carole Tanzer Miller, features editor, writes: My health coach, Charity Husk of Take Shape for Life, reminded her clients the other day that one reason we regain hard-lost weight is that we continue to think "fat." By that she means that we resume the casual attitude toward food we had before we slimmed. A nibble here, a nosh there and pretty soon we're pigging out like the big old days.

I caught myself in this mindset the other night.

I had just returned from a brisk, almost-2-mile walk. Felt energized.

And hungry.

As soon as I kicked off my butt-toning sneakers, I headed for the fridge. Grabbed a slice of cheese and rummaged through the shelves looking for something else to eat.

Never mind that one slice of cheese, by itself, put back all the calories I had burned (and then some). I felt entitled to a better reward. Fortunately, with Charity's counsel on my mind, I came to my senses fast. I got out a tall glass, filled it with chilled water and drank it down. The hunger pangs were sated.

The same scenario repeated again after 30 minutes on Wii Fit (I'm back on the exercise track!). I craved a reward. But this time, I reached for the water from the start.

Bad habits - bad mindsets -are harder to shed than excess weight. My friendship with the fridge goes way, way back. But, then again, so does my enjoyment of a tall glass of cold H {-2}O. I'm trying to drink much more of it, move more and stop tasting as I cook. (That last one can really pile on the calories!)

For good measure, I'm still taking the stairs at work. Sure, the elevator is still undergoing repair as of this writing (I'm not a saint, after all!), but I found myself actually looking past the "out of order" sign about a week ago and heading straight for the stairs. That might be the best evidence ever that I'm finally beginning to think thinner.

Tallying the cost

Community blogger Muriel Watson writes: Starting weight: 326 / Last weigh-in: 264.

I went for my weigh-in Thursday at Medi-Clinic. I was so nervous about how that was going to turn out after spending the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.

Well, looks like climbing all those stairs to enjoy the many water slides I went down must have worked in my favor. I was ecstatic to find out that not only had I not gained, but I had actually lost 4 more pounds of body fat! That brings my total weight loss to 38 pounds in eight weeks as a Medi-Clinic member.

I knew that I had not followed the program like I should have during my weekend trip. I did keep my journal of everything I ate. When I came back home, I went back to eating my lean protein and back to the gym Monday after work. My favorite machine at the gym is the elliptical, and I am now up to 100 minutes. It feels great!

I am working out every day of the week except Thursday. Thursday is my "treat day." I treat myself to whatever food that I may have been craving this week. I do still keep track of it in my journal, no matter what it is.

People are starting to question what I am doing to lose weight. They ask me about the program I am on and if it is expensive. I tell them Medi-Clinic is no way near as expensive as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks or knee replacement. You just have to believe that you are worth it. I am living proof that it works and it is worth every penny.

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