A modern meltdown on the grilled cheese

McClatchy NewspapersOctober 12, 2011 

  • Grate the cheese (it melts better "by virtue of its wispiness").

    Thick cheese and thin bread are best.

    Spread butter on the bread, not the pan.

    Stick with nonstick pans, mostly.

    Flatten slightly with a spatula while grilling.

    Cool it, then eat it. It's a simple step that avoids molten cheese burns to the mouth, and it also allows the flavor to develop.

    Source: "Grilled Cheese, Please!" by Laura Werlin

This is a very cheesy story about the resurgence of a favorite grilled sandwich.

Most of us have fond memories of the classic that mom used to make - a slice of American cheese melted between two slices of white bread. Margarine, not butter, was the grease of choice for a crisp exterior.

The results, always so warm and comforting, might as well be imprinted on our DNA.

Some clever chefs are trying to lure us out the door with, you guessed it, lots of melted cheese.

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