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A zig when you expect a zag

Staff WriterOctober 24, 2011 

College football writer J.P. Giglio is one of 60 voters in the AP Top 25 poll.

I love it when college football zigs, when it's supposed to zag.

Texas Tech, with an upset of Oklahoma, and Michigan State, with one against Wisconsin, provided the type of unexpected result this season was desperately missing, as well as the type of upset that makes college football great, while underscoring its need for a playoff.

"We" - the media, fans, even players and coaches - think we know what's going to happen, but until the games are actually played, we don't.

And that's the folly, even with the aid of computers, of choosing just two teams to play for the alleged national title.

We don't know, not with any real certainty, what's going to happen, other than three dozen bowl executives are going to make an obscene amount of money in the guise of a reward for the "student-athlete."

Just let them play. Unbeaten Clemson, Boise State, Stanford and Kansas State should have a chance. And there's another half dozen one-loss teams that should get one, too. As a two-loss Texas Tech showed, the results just might surprise us all.

J.P. Giglio's AP ballot

(previous week's ranking)

1. LSU (1)

14. S. Carolina (11)

2. Alabama (2)

15. Texas Tech (NR)

3. Oklahoma State (6)

16. Georgia (16)

4. Boise State (5)

17. Virginia Tech (17)

5. Clemson (8)

18. Michigan (19)

6. Stanford (7)

19. Nebraska (20)

7. Oregon (9)

20. Houston (23)

8. Arkansas (10)

21. USC (HR)

9. Oklahoma (3)

22. Penn State (25)

10. Texas A&M (14)

23. Syracuse (NR)

11. Michigan State (18)

24. Ariz. State (NR)

12. Wisconsin (4)

25. Auburn (15)

13. Kansas State (12)

Out: West Virginia (13), Georgia Tech (21), Illinois (22), Washington (24)

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