October 30, 2011 

N.C. State has been shut out three times in O'Brien's five seasons: at home against Maryland in the last game of the 2007 season (37-0) and at South Carolina (34-0) in the first game of the 2008 season.

The loss also continued the peculiar trend of O'Brien's division record. He's 5-17 against the Atlantic Division and 10-4 against the Coastal. State is winless in 12 division road games under O'Brien. The last time it won a division road game was at FSU (when Chuck Amato was coach) in 2005.

Coaches love to talk about the importance of third down, and it usually means a lot, but this was not one of those games. N.C. State was 7 for 16 on third down and FSU was 4 for 10.

The Seminoles made up for it by averaging more than 7 yards per play through the first three quarters and 6.3 for the game. FSU had six plays for more than 20 yards. The Wolfpack picked up just 2.7 per play and didn't have any longer than 17.

Watching Mike Glennon run for his life, or get hit within 3 seconds of the snap by Florida State's defense, you couldn't help but think N.C. State missed Russell Wilson on Saturday. Glennon has acquitted himself as Wilson's replacement with a productive first seven games, but against athletic teams like FSU -- and UNC next week -- Wilson was dynamic because he could extend plays and make big plays out of broken blocking schemes.

J.P. Giglio

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