Baileywick realities

November 5, 2011 

I have been a teacher at Baileywick Elementary since the doors opened in1996. It is a wonderful small school with dedicated, caring teachers. I am very devoted to my school so you can imagine the surprise and concern I felt when I opened my mailbox recently and read a campaign flier with false statements made by Heather Losurdo concerning Baileywick.

She claims that we are a high-needs school that has been denied federal funds because of Kevin Hill. This is not true as we are currently a federally funded Title I school. Baileywick offers a rich and varied program to meet the needs of all our students. Based on 2010-2011 test scores, Baileywick was named a School of Distinction and exceeded growth, and our level IV and AIG students posted one of the highest gains in Wake County.

In addition to weekly art, music and PE classes, students enjoy clubs such as Computer Art, Cardio Power, Chorus and Digital Storytelling.

Losurdo falsely claims that our school is unable to get the funds we need because Hill will not advocate for us. Most schools in Wake County need additional funds, and Kevin Hill does support Baileywick.

Becky Norkus, Raleigh

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