JP Top 25: Alabama or Oklahoma State?

STAFF WRITERDecember 4, 2011 

Note: J.P. Giglio is one of 60 AP voters.

Alabama got its shot at LSU, and lost. I don't think Alabama deserves another shot at the No. 1 Tigers in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

But the AP is not part of the BCS equation nor is it asking its voters which two teams should be in the "national" title game. The AP asks us to rank the top 25 teams in order.

So who's No. 2, Oklahoma State or Alabama?

There's no definitive answer.

Oklahoma State has a great offense (No. 2 in the country in scoring) and Alabama has a great defense (No. 1 in scoring).

Oklahoma State (11-1) has three wins over teams ranked in the final regular-season AP top 25 (Oklahoma, Kansas State and Baylor), while Alabama (11-1) has two (Arkansas and Penn State).

The strength of schedule favors Oklahoma State, a Big 12 team, over Alabama, an SEC team, because Alabama didn't crossover with Georgia or South Carolina from the SEC East. Seven of Oklahoma State's wins are over FBS teams with at least a 7-5 record, compared to three for Alabama.

The biggest difference between the two teams is their respective losses. Oklahoma State lost in overtime, on the road, to a 6-6 conference opponent (Iowa State). Alabama lost in overtime, at home, to a 13-0 conference opponent (Louisiana State).

So Alabama deserves to play for the BCS title because it has a "better" loss? If you thought the BCS was screwed up before, try to wrap your brain around that one.

If it hasn't been painfully obvious all season (or the last 20), college football is long past due the need for a playoff. This is just the latest example why, with an even bigger reason looming if Alabama beats LSU on Jan. 9.

1. LSU (1)

2. Oklahoma State (4)

3. Alabama (2)

4. Boise State (3)

5. USC (5)

6. Oregon (6)

7. Stanford (7)

8. Arkansas (8)

9. South Carolina (9)

10. Wisconsin (14)

11. Michigan State (11)

12. TCU (16)

13. Michigan (17)

14. Kansas State (18)

15. Baylor (19)

16. Clemson (21)

17. Virginia Tech (10)

18. Georgia (12)

19. Oklahoma (13)

20. Southern Miss (22)

21. Houston (15)

22. Nebraska (20)

23. West Virginia (23)

24. Arkansas State (25)

25. Penn State (NR)

Out: Texas (24)

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