Durham County Animal Control director Cindy Bailey resigns

CorrespondentDecember 21, 2011 

Longtime Durham County Animal Control Director Cindy Bailey abruptly resigned from her position Wednesday.

Bailey, who had served as the director for more than 10 years, declined to explain her decision. “I just resigned. There are issues and concerns,” she said. “It was just in everyone’s best interests, mostly mine, to do so.”

Bailey oversaw the county’s Animal Control Department, which has a budget of nearly $1.5 million. The department enforces the county’s animal control ordinance and educates the public on related issues.

Bailey initially sent an email to the Board of County Commissioners and neighborhood listservs saying the sudden resignation was “due to work conflicts that the Manager felt were irresolvable.”

County Manager Mike Ruffin said no one said the issues were irresolvable or asked Bailey to resign. “I can tell you unequivocally she has never been told that,” Ruffin said.

Animal Control Advisory Board members said they were surprised to hear about Bailey’s resignation.

Board member Evelyn Nicholson described Bailey as a valuable county employee and one of the “most humane, considerate, sweet, nice people I know.”

Bailey worked for the Animal Protection Society of Durham when it took over the contract to manage animal shelter in 1990. She managed the shelter until 1999, and for about a year she managed both the shelter and Animal Control, she said. She left the position for about 18 months due to family issues, but returned to the county as Animal Control director in March 2001, she said.

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