Cree to host workshop to create international symbols for LED lighting and energy efficiency

From staff reportsFebruary 3, 2012 

Certain symbols have become as universally recognizable in society, such as the Christian fish that adorns many a bumper sticker, or the rainbow flag displayed in support gay rights.

Durham lighting company Cree is hosting an event this month to create new icons to represent energy efficiency and LED lighting, which happen to be the company's line of business.

The winners selected from the Feb. 25 brainstorming session on the Cree campus will be added to a visual library of icons available for general use.

The new icons will join the dozens of symbols that communicate ideas wordlessly in the form of corporate logos, road signs, political sentiments and declarations of self-identity.

The Iconathon event is being sponsored by The Noun Project, a Los Angeles group dedicated to the creation and archiving of icons. Noun Project co-founders will be in durham to facilitate the session.

There are no specific technical requirements to participate in the icon-generating workshop, although people with artistic talents are encouraged to attend.

The event is free but requires registration to get in.

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