UNC's Cunningham hopes for news from NCAA soon

Staff writerFebruary 15, 2012 

Athletic director Bubba Cunningham of UNC said Wednesday that the NCAA infractions committee is scheduled to meet this week, but he doesn’t know whether the Tar Heels will get news about the result of a long investigation into the football program.

“When we met with them on Oct. 28, they said it would be about eight to 12 weeks,” Cunningham told members of the Raleigh Sports Club. “So I just don’t know when. We’ve been saying ‘anytime’ for two months.

“But it sure would be nice to get it behind us and get some finality to it. It just takes much longer than you want it to at times. Why it’s taking so long, though, I’m not really sure.”

Cunningham said later that when the NCAA is ready to make a public announcement, the involved school usually gets a day’s early notice.

“But again, I just don’t when or how it’s going to play out. I hope something will be known in the next two weeks, but I’m not basing that on anything more than everyone else knows.”

On other subjects:

•Cunningham said he believes new ACC members Pittsburgh and Syracuse “probably” will begin league play during the 2012-13 school year.

“The Big East is making plans to bring in new members for ’13, too,” Cunningham said. “My guess is Pitt and Syracuse will negotiate with the Big East and it’ll probably happen in ’13.”

•A Notre Dame alum and former employee of the school, Cunningham said the timing seems right for the Irish to join a football conference.

“But there are a lot of issues involved in that, so it’s almost impossible to predict,” he said. “But the situation in terms of televising all of the games has changed a lot over the last few years. Almost all of any team’s games are televised one way or another.”

•Although the Bowl Championship Series will undergo several changes when the current TV contract expires after the 2013 season, Cunningham said he doesn’t foresee a full-blown playoff format being adopted.

“I think there might be an another game added, but I don’t sense that a big playoff system is on the way.”

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