Dollar store decor

February 18, 2012 

We sent N&O Design Team volunteer Jill Metzler-Wiese of Just Jill! Interiors in Durham in search of dollar-store decor. She shopped at Dollar Trees in Durham and Apex and came away with five ideas for decorating with dollar store finds:

Breathe new life into old pieces: Wrap a funky headband around plain pillows. Re-cover old pillows using dish towels (think of the money you'll save if you do this for any holiday!). New drawer pulls or cabinet knobs give kitchens and kids' spaces some personality. Find something fun.

Don't stop at the candles: Not only can you find great scented candles, but if you let your eyes and imagination run amok, you will get some great seasonal tablescape centerpieces! Anything flame-resistant goes!

Organize for pennies: A baking rack to hang cooking utensils? A chair back support to hang jewelry? You bet! A plunger can be a great place to hang a wet rag (attention apartment dwellers: no holes to fill later!) and kid-sized dustpan sets can be great for keys, dog leashes and hats if you hang them by the garage door.

Beautify your walls: Yes, they have art, mats and frames, but remember: Anything is art if you look at that way. I used candle holders, game boards, stickers and those small Chinese takeout boxes. What can you find?

No undressed windows: Windows in garages, sheds or over kitchen sinks are so often neglected. All you need is a rod, something soft to drape and a way to attach it. And kid spaces? For the price of two cups of coffee, you can give them a new treatment every time they have a new birthday or new obsession.

Remember: Look at everything differently and you will leave the dollar store with great stuff and enough money left over to for some party grub so you can entertain and show off your score!

Each item that I used was $1 with the exception of the black poster board, which was 50 cents.

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