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Bucking up your resolve

February 28, 2012 

Exercise in private

Carole Tanzer Miller, features editor, writes: The cars lined both sides of the road and filled the parking lot near a neighborhood gym back in January. Weeks later, all those folks must be walking (or jogging?) to their workouts, because the crush of cars has largely disappeared.

More likely what has disappeared are a lot of new year's resolutions to lose weight and get fit in 2012.

It's not so shocking, really. Diet and exercise can be hard and flat-out boring. And many of us are embarrassed to work out in front of an audience.

A recent survey from FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Shine found that 81 percent of the 1,500 adults polled have a body part they hate. Women most hate their thighs; men, their butts.

When we women look in the mirror, 57 percent of us think we're fat and jiggly, the poll found. In contrast, 48 percent of men think they look good. In what can only be described as an exercise of admirable restraint, I will resist the urge to crack wise here.

Anyway, if we are embarrassed to go to the gym and need an alternative, what's out there? How about an online trainer?

A number of websites let customers enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer in the privacy of their own home. For a fee, a trainer develops exercises based on your lifestyle and goals, using whatever equipment you have, including your stairs! Some also have nutritionists who will provide a meal plan as well as suggested recipes. Search "online trainers" to check this out.

We would love to hear from readers who have worked with an online trainer. Please share your experience by leaving a comment at 82p48xd by 5 p.m. Friday and be entered into a drawing for a "Denise Austin's Shape Up & Shed Pounds" DVD. Please be sure you register with a valid email address so we can notify you if you win.

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