Report: IBM layoffs growing

STAFF WRITERMarch 7, 2012 

The layoff estimates at technology giant IBM keep mounting.

Alliance@IBM, a union that for years has been trying to organize IBM workers, reported on its website Tuesday that the tally of job losses from last week's layoff has climbed to 1,650 workers in two dozen business units across North America. That's up from 1,440 workers at 20 business units tabulated as of late Thursday.

IBM has declined to comment on the job cuts. A company spokesman said IBM responds to market demands by continuously adjusting its workforce.

Alliance@IBM, part of the Communications Workers of America, estimates job cuts based on the notices affected workers receive. The notices disclose how many people in a worker's particular units were laid off.

Anonymous emails from IBM's site in Research Triangle Park, where the company employs an estimated 10,000 workers, indicate that the local workforce wasn't spared from the cuts.

Some of the posts say that U.S. jobs that are being eliminated are being transferred to other countries.

"It's all about cost-cutting," said union organizer Lee Conrad.

Conrad said Thursday that the number of job losses logged in at that time appeared to be close to the final tally, but more layoff data has continued to come in.

"I guess I shouldn't say it's over until it really is over," he said.

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