In their words: Quotes from UNC figures

March 12, 2012 

‘We decided it wouldn’t make sense to appeal, given how long the appeal would take, given the (lack of) success other schools have had with appeals. And perhaps most importantly that the penalties would be suspended during the appeals and we wouldn’t be able to go ahead and start the penalties and move forward.’

Holden Thorp, North Carolina chancellor, on why UNC decided not to appeal

‘As was stated by the Chancellor this summer, and has been noted in this report, I was not named in any of these allegations. I cooperated fully with the proper entities throughout this entire investigation. I felt that my staff and I implemented many practices into the program to try to prevent these types of issues. Indeed, the NCAA report stated that “there was no indication during the joint investigation that student-athletes are not well-educated on regulations concerning agents, extra benefits, and preferential treatment.”

‘I am truly saddened this matter has affected so many innocent people. I wish UNC the very best.’

Butch Davis, former head football coach, in a statement released on Monday

‘It’s a tough loss. But again, I think we have a good plan in place moving forward. That we’re going to continue to attract outstanding students who are going to continue to compete at the highest levels.’

Bubba Cunningham, North Carolina athletic director, on loss of scholarships

‘Well there’s still a Carolina Way. The way we did this investigation, it was my strong belief that it was the Carolina Way. We set out four guiding principles when we started. Number four was that we would be better as a result of this.”

Dick Baddour, former North Carolina athletic director

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