Accusations against ‘the former tutor’


Here’s what the NCAA infractions report said “the former tutor” did after she left the tutoring program:

• On April 21, 2008, she wrote conclusion paragraphs for five writing assignments in an education course for a player.

• On April 15, 2009, she emailed a player an outline for a writing assignment in a communications course that included a thesis statement and “other substantive material.” The player “used the material to write the paper and submitted it for course credit.”

• On June 11, 2009, the same player sent her an email asking for help again with a communications writing assignment. He attached a draft of his work. The next day, she returned an email with a revised version of his draft that included “various grammatical corrections.” She added approximately four sentences to the assignment, which was about 2-1/2 pages long.

Those incidents were discovered after the players graduated.

The player who received grammatical help talked with investigators and said he did not realize the assistance he had received was impermissible by NCAA rules.

• During the fall of 2008 and summer of 2009, according to the report, she typed citations and composed “works-cited pages,” or pages citing research references, on three writing assignments for a player.

• In November 2008, she composed a works-cited page and inserted citations into the body of the paper and added words to a writing assignment.

• In June 2009, she composed a works-cited page, composed and inserted citations into the body of a paper, and added and edited content to a writing assignment.

• In July 2009, she composed a works-cited page, composed and inserted citations into the body of a paper and conducted research for a writing assignment in a cultural-evolution course.

The NCAA infractions committee calculated the help as extra benefits for players, 194 hours of free tutoring. The work Jennifer Wiley did with the players was calculated by NCAA investigators as a benefit valued at $2,134 – 194 hours of tutoring at the $11-an-hour rate she received while employed at the academic support center.

• In May 2010, she paid $150 so one player could change an airline ticket and return from a spring-break trip earlier than planned.

• In August 2010, she paid $1,789 to cover outstanding parking tickets for that player.

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