Luke Steele: Tar Heel taxoholics

March 16, 2012 

Tar Heel taxoholics

The Feb. 20 Point of View article by Edwin McLenaghan of the N.C. Budget and Tax Center was interesting, yet predictable – how we can solve all of North Carolina’s problems by extracting another $1.64 billion from the taxpayers. It seems that no matter how strong the evidence is that few problems are solved simply by throwing money, this seems to be the sole culprit for North Carolina’s woes: heaven knows that bribery, mismanagement, half-brained construction shortcuts, ill-conceived "projects" and outright corruption could ever be to blame.

Why stop there? Why not just confiscate all earnings over $1 million? Shoot, go for $500,000: nobody needs more income than that a year, no matter who they are. Everyone surely understands that our state government would only use that money for the good of the people, and would never direct any of it in such a way as to reward their cronies or themselves.

In reality though, our state Government is an alcoholic – and it's hooked on your money. No matter how much you give it, it will never be enough, so accept the fact that all we are in this case is an enabler. I vote for cutting the drunks off, not giving them a bigger bar tab.

Luke Steele


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