Raleigh’s new museum by the numbers

April 15, 2012 

52 Length in feet of Stumpy the Whale, an articulated right whale on the first floor. Each of Stumpy’s jawbones is 14 feet long and weighs 495 pounds.

103 Specimens in the new wing’s Naturalist Center that have RFID tags, allowing them to be used on interactive tables that will display information about them. The center boasts more than 20,000 specimens; museum collections, more than 2 million.

472 Stainless steel plates covering the outside of the SECU Daily Planet.

1,100 Approximate total of “seen to fall” meteorites ever recorded worldwide. The NRC’s collection of meteorites includes roughly 10 percent of this number.

3,600 5.3-inch glass squares in the Atrium Ribbon sculpture.

10,000 Gallons in the hard bottom reef exhibit and aquarium on the first floor.

30,000 Pop rivets in the screen of the Daily Planet theater, each of which was hand-painted white after installation. The Daily Planet also has 29,930,472 red, green and blue pixels.

80,000 Square feet in the new wing. The main building is 200,000 square feet.

5,200,000,000 Age in years of the Murchison meteorite, on display in the “Postcards from Space” exhibit. That’s 400,000,000 years older than our solar system.

Source: N.C. Museum of Natural Science

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