Deep voice brings quick Internet fame for North Carolina teen

Jake Foushee of Mebane is a YouTube star and is on “Good Morning America” today

bcain@newsobserver.comApril 19, 2012 

Jake Foushee


Jake Foushee is viral.

The 14-year-old from Mebane doesn’t have a fever or a communicable illness; he has sudden, uncontrollable Internet fame. On Thursday morning, that fame plucked him from his normal routine at Eastern Alamance High School and landed him live on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Thanks to an uploaded YouTube video, the deep-voiced teenager has quickly become known all over the world for his spot-on impression of the late Don LaFontaine, also known as “The Movie Trailer King.” (You know the voice, “In a world where …”)

Jake’s impression is irreconcilable with the youthful face from which it emits.

Jake says he began uploading videos of himself doing voiceovers about the time his voice changed when he was 13. A few days ago, his video impersonation of LaFontaine made it to, a social news site on which users vote stories or videos “up” or “down.” That’s when his YouTube numbers started to explode.

Suddenly, Jake’s video was being touted on websites from across the United States to the United Kingdom. “I’ve had people say they’ve seen me on the Latin news channel and the Croatian news channel,” he said Wednesday from his New York City hotel room.

It was an early morning for Jake as he headed to the “Good Morning America” studios in Times Square. He delivered an intro to the show (he had trouble with the name George Stephanopoulos). He was then interviewed by all the show's anchors.

Jake, whose life typically consists of going to high school, playing soccer and coaching a recreation-league soccer team made up of 6-year-old girls, is also in discussions to appear on the “Ellen” show in California next week.

In addition to the movie trailer guy, some of Jake’s favorite impressions are Optimus Prime from “Transformers” and Joe Swanson from “Family Guy.”

“I like doing the British accent and Indian accents,” Jake said. “And sometimes a Russian accent.”

The polite teenager may need to get an agent soon because he’s already fielding voiceover job offers. “So far, mostly stuff with radio stations and small films,” he said.

His parents, Chip Foushee and Joanna Luke, accompanied Jake to New York, along with his 12-year-old brother, Luke.

They are overseeing all of his offers and appearances – and making sure he stays grounded. Before they headed to New York, Chip Foushee said, Jake had to visit his teachers and get any homework assignments.

In a world where Internet fame can come out of nowhere, you still have to get your school work done.

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