Charlotte, Raleigh rank among 'porniest' cities

bhenry@charlotteobserver.comMay 9, 2012 

North Carolina's two largest cities are solid contenders in some current rankings for porn consumption, Men's Health magazine says.

Orlando, Fla., – thought by many to be a leader among child-friendly cities – is No. 1. That's on top of even Los Angeles in terms of porn consumption. Southern California, ironically, is simply where the most domestic porn is produced.

Also perhaps ironically, No. 4 Raleigh and No. 5 Charlotte are two of the biggest burgs in the Bible belt. Looks like we've found a category we can top Atlanta, which is ranked No. 7.

In reaching their conclusions, the Men's Health researchers pondered such things as the number of X-rated DVDs purchased or rented and porn streamed. They also factored in the number of adult entertainment businesses per city and rates for Internet porn searches. And, giving a nod to softer-core consumers, they threw in percentages of households subscribing to Cinemax.

All of which put Orlando on top. Florida also took top billing among the states.

Ironic or not, this might represent a headline writer's wildest dream. "Porn in the U.S.A." was just one of the options we rejected.

Here are the top 20:

1. Orlando, Fla.

2. Las Vegas.

3. Wilmington, Del.

4. Raleigh.

5. Charlotte.

6. Minneapolis.

7. Atlanta.

8. Tampa.

9. Anchorage.

10. Austin, Texas.

11. Boise, Idaho.

12. Miami.

13. Houston.

14. Columbia, S.C.

15. Dallas.

16. Portland, Ore.

17. San Diego.

18. Cleveland.

19. Sacramento, Calif.

20. Baltimore.

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